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Brainwald helps clients establish new financial institutions anywhere in the world
Brainwald Limited is a premier financial services firm that provides support to clients looking to launch their own financial institution. Our team has extensive industry knowledge and a global network of personal connections that allow us to connect you with the most relevant regulators, licensing lawyers, and white label providers.

Our key services include


At Brainwald, we understand that navigating local regulations and getting your organization registered can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why we offer assistance to help you prepare the necessary documents and facilitate communication with the local regulator. Our team of international legal experts and partners has extensive experience in this area and can help your organization get registered sooner and with less hassle. We will be with you every step of the way, providing access to our network of experts in areas such as AML, KYC, compliance. With our support, you can focus on growing your business and achieving your goals, while we handle the regulatory details.


In cooperation with our partners, Brainwald is able to offer a range of solutions for payment processing, card issuing, electronic wallet management, and IBAN issuing. These solutions are available as white label software, which means they can be branded and customized to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are a financial institution looking to offer new products and services to your customers, or a startup seeking a turnkey solution for your business, our white label software can be an excellent fit. Our team is happy to discuss the options available and help you determine which solution is the best fit for your needs.

Banking relationships

Brainwald is a company that helps businesses establish commercial banking relationships with local banks. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the best banking options and services to support your business, and will guide you through the process of establishing a commercial banking relationship with a local bank. We offer a range of services to meet the specific needs of our clients, including SWIFT services, multi-currency accounts, SEPA account transfers, Nostro and LORO accounts, and business-to-business accounts. No matter what your financial needs may be, we have a solution to help you succeed. With Brainwald, you can trust that you will have the financial support you need to grow and thrive.

Accounting, Audit and tax

Brainwald offers a range of accounting services to help businesses manage their financial affairs, including: • Bookkeeping • Financial statement preparation • Income tax filing • Audits • Financial performance analysis and valuation • Payroll and sales tax • Local and international tax assessment and planning. Our team of accounting professionals has a wealth of experience dealing with multijurisdictional reporting and compliance, and we are equipped to handle all aspects of financial management. Whether you need assistance with bookkeeping, tax filing, or financial analysis, we have the skills and resources to support you.

Marketing and digital footprint

Brainwald offers a range of digital marketing services to help businesses reach their target audience online, including: • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Social media strategy • Search engine marketing • Logo and website design • Website content creation. With our expertise in digital marketing, we can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to increase your online visibility and attract more customers to your business. Whether you need help with SEO, social media marketing, or website design, we have the skills and resources to support you. Our team of digital marketing professionals will work with you to understand your business goals and develop a customized plan to help you achieve them.

At Brainwald Limited, we are committed to being a trusted advisor for our clients. We understand the importance of personal connections in building successful businesses and strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships that are built on trust and integrity.

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