Gain access to our global network to be acquainted to the regulators, most relevant licencing lawyers or white label providers.

Brainwald Limited has a unique, global network of licensing lawyers and white portfolio of white label providers. We have access to the local regulators worldwide. We can identify the most suitable opportunities or guide you through the journey to gain your new financial license. We understand the market and the importance of the personal connections. We have access to the most relevant players of the industry in order to carefully select the most suitable partners for your transaction. All our introductions are pre-vetted by our throughout due diligence; we not only assist you with your current needs, but identify other business opportunities and growth potentials.


Worldwide network of legal firms to assist you with the licencing requirements
Direct introductions to the local regulators
Executive and non executive, MLRO and other personnel head hunting
Creating AML and KYC procedures
Office rentals globally
Correspondent accounts

White label

Identifying the most suitable setup for your clientele
Creating pricing based on current market rate
Research and identifying the potential white label opportunities
Pre-vetting software, compliance and pricing details of the white label provider
Negotiations with the providers

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