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Experience the power of expert financial support with Brainwald
Brainwald is a leading financial services firm with a global network of investors and potential buyers for your financial institution. Our team has extensive industry knowledge and personal connections that allow us to carefully select the most suitable partners for your transaction.

Our key services include

Due diligence

We conduct thorough financial analysis and validity checks, IT and HR audits, independent evaluations, and risk assessments to confirm the source of funds and identify any potential business opportunities and growth potential.

Marketing and PR

We help summarize and highlight the unique selling points of your financial institution, create a pitch deck, and conduct targeted outreach to qualified buyers. We also offer PR support to present the opportunity to potential buyers.


At Brainwald, we are proud to provide representation to our clients through our team of international lawyers and accountants specializing in international finance. Our consultants have extensive international experience in advisory and consulting, and are equipped to handle the complex and nuanced challenges that arise in international transactions. Whether you are a financial institution looking to expand your global operations, or an individual seeking legal representation in an international matter, our team is here to provide the expertise and support you need. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the global landscape and achieve success on the international stage.

Escrow Services

We offer escrow services to protect your funds and ensure a secure transaction. Our escrow services provide a neutral third party to hold and release funds as agreed upon by all parties involved in the transaction. This helps to reduce risk and provide peace of mind that your funds are being handled safely and responsibly. Our team is committed to the highest standards of integrity and accountability, so you can trust us to handle your funds with care.


At Brainwald, we have the expertise and experience to conduct audits of financial institutions, either independently or in collaboration with a third-party auditing company. Our team of financial industry experts has the knowledge and skills to thoroughly review and assess the financial processes and systems of a financial institution to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. We use a variety of techniques, including data analysis and on-site assessments, to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the institution. Whether we are working independently or in collaboration with a third party, our goal is to provide valuable insights and recommendations to help the financial institution improve its operations and better serve its customers.

At Brainwald Limited, our goal is to be a trusted advisor throughout the entire process of selling your financial institution. We understand the importance of personal connections and strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships that are built on trust and integrity.

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